Happy Fourth of July!

We’re out of the office today and hope you are, too.  While it’s no secret that we’re living in some very divided times politically in this country (and many other countries, too), today feels like an appropriate time to appreciate all that we have in common as people and citizens and neighbors.  It’s a good reminder that this isn’t the first time in our country’s relatively short and storied history that we’ve come up against obstacles or injustices that seemed insurmountable.  And yet, here we are today, celebrating 241 years of Independence.  We will be celebrating with a children’s parade by morning, a pool party by afternoon, and fireworks in the evening… followed by what are sure to be more fireworks by late evening that our toddler hopefully sleeps through! (Wishing all of the moms and babies and pets restful nights of sleep!)  Still looking for something to bring to today’s shindig? You can check out 20 of our favorite Fourth of July recipes that are sure to be crowd pleasers.  If it’s outfit inspiration you’re after, here are 10 ways to dress patriotically today.  Or if you would just like to remark at how much my style has changed in five years, here’s what I wore Fourth of July circa 2012. Those pom poms you guys. A blog never forgets…

(Photo via Girl Scene)

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