Happy February || A Month of Connection

Connection: a relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else.  That’s the quick google definition, at least, and it’s not wrong.  February has snuck up on us and with it this idea of love associated with chocolates and back massages, but we would be remiss to think that romantic love is what it’s all about– the great end all be all.  The answer to our question and solution to all of our problems.  I love this word connection.  To lock into. To be joined with allies.  To be tethered.  To have a rope attached to the rubber ball that is you that brings you back around rather than allowing you to be launched into the great abyss.  That reminds you that you are known by others, linked to a community, and deeply cherished. Connection reveals chocolate and back massages for the counterfeit versions that they are.  It comes in the form of friendships, of neighbors, of kind and generous interactions as move through our day.  It’s made in deep conversations, in the asking of thoughtful questions, in the ceding of our precious time.  It’s this connection that we are focused on this month… We will be chatting in the coming weeks about finding your tribe, about five clubs that are even better than a book club, about ways to shut off technology and connect with our kiddos in meaningful ways, and so much more!  In the meantime, some more reads about connection…

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Happy February, friends!

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