Grow, Baby, Grow / 24 Weeks


Happy weekend!  I promise I am going to enjoy every moment of this weekend, but first I wanted to share this latest bump photo and a few of my favorite reads from the week.  The super amazing and talented photog duo that shot the mondo shoot I styled last weekend let me step in for a test.  This is me and baby girl at 24 weeks!  Lately she has been moving like crazy!  Aaron was traveling this week so I would send him videos of my stomach and you could see her wiggling around in there from one side to the other.  Looks like we might have an energetic little babe on our hands in a few months!  Hope you all enjoy the weekend!

My office was featured in Rue Magazine this week!

Most days I wish I was spending the holidays with Joy the Baker so that she could make me yummy treats like these

Love this chic winter look on Anh!

This e-holiday card made my day!

Have you all been keeping up with Camille’s Give-Away-A-Day?  You will definitely want to enter this one!

I have been loving following the adventures of this cute little family in NYC lately…

This holiday decorating piece is so quintessentially Anne…

Still holiday shopping?  Check out these ideas!

Photography by Smallz and Raskind

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  1. rachel


    A very tidy bump, if jiggly! A gymnast perhaps?! Enjoy Enjoy, and this time next year…!!!

  2. Growing and glowing jen!