Grow, Baby, Grow! / 21 Weeks


When I first posted Grow, Baby, Grow at 17 weeks I was certain that it would be a weekly occasion.  Makes perfectly good sense, right?  Of course, then, life gets busy.  Jobs get booked. Photo shoots need styling and on and on and on.  It doesn’t help that my trusty live in photographer has been jet setting around the world these days!  So, here is the bump at nearly 21 weeks.  She definitely popped somewhere around 19, leaving me to do an online super market sweep for maternity clothes late one night.  (Yes, I will pay an extra $10 for two day shipping!)  Here’s something I didn’t expect though:


I am loving this phase of pregnancy.  After a very sick start, I wondered, as I looked down at my pre-bump chubbiness, who those women were who could wax poetic about pregnancy and how much they loved it.  Now I’ve become one of them.  Not sure how long it will last or maybe my body is just giving me a nice big dose of feel-good hormones right now, but for the moment, it’s awesome. (Even if I don’t fit into most of my old clothes!)



If you’re in the market, my favorite maternity shops that I’ve found so far are Ingrid and Isabel for lots of jersey basics and activewear (I lived in their bella band in the beginning!), Belly Dance Maternity for their great selection of denim like these J Brands I’m wearing here, Isabella Oliver for more luxe items, and ASOS for my day-to-day tops and tees.



Keep on growing, baby girl!

Check out the full post over on Camille Styles!

Jeans / Tee / Cropped Trench (Similar) / Necklace (Similar) / Boots / Shopping Bag from Ale et Ange

Photography by Mary Costa

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  1. you look so chic jen…glowing and beautiful!

    • Jen Pinkston


      Thank you so much, Chel! I’m really enjoying this little moment 🙂

  2. you look absolutely amazing jen!
    so glad you’re feeling great too 🙂

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  3. rachel


    what a stylish mama!

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