Gourdough’s Donuts || The New Jean Jacket

The good news is we are almost done unpacking boxes at long last, with just a few stragglers remain. It has been kind of like a second Christmas to open up boxes of things that I haven’t seen in almost eight months– sweaters, bags, shoes, ceramic coffee mugs.  At the same time it begs the question: If I haven’t had any need for it in eight months, do I really need it?  The main goal has been just getting everything unboxed and through the dishwasher or washing machine or dry cleaner, but once those last few boxes are complete the bigger task of really editing everything begins.  I’ve been looking for pieces lately that are really versatile, but not necessarily basic. Does that make sense? Something that doesn’t just look like another t-shirt / jacket / sweater but has some sort of subtle interest.  This jean jacket feels like a bit of a departure for me, but I’ve found myself reaching for it much more often that I would have thought. You can wear with just about anything you would wear a classic jean jacket with, but it has a bit of a twist which I like…

Now if you’ve ever been to Austin, someone has surely told you not to miss Gourdough’s Donuts… and for good reason! They’re INSANE. Like the biggest sugar explosion you could ever imagine.  Three of us split two of these and we only finished about half of each.

jeans, Mother || clogs, Dolce Vita || top, similar || jacket, MINKPINK

Photography by Katie Jameson

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  2. That Jacket looks amazing! So do the donuts xx

  3. Casual boho chic….love it JEN xx

  4. Those donuts look amazing! I’ve never seen a jean jacket like that before. I really like it.


    • Jen Pinkston


      Thanks Jennifer! If you’re ever here, you’ll have to try them!

  5. Bri Towne


    these look delicious! and i’m loving your longer hair, are you growing it out? it looks fantastic!

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