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Have you heard of this trend?  We had some friends go “glamping”– glamorous camping if you didn’t catch that– in Santa Barbara last spring and loved it!  Aaron has always given me a hard time because camping to me growing up was in an RV with my favorite pillow and a down comforter.  Am I right?  He says that doesn’t count!  To him camping has to be in a tent, so this luxurious yurt might be the perfect compromise for us!


Hiking by day and roasting marshmallows by night?  The more luxurious glamping sites include gas fireplaces, king-size beds, and come complete with crystal champagne flutes and Dom Perignon.  Sounds like the perfect getaway!

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(Check here and here for glamping locations.)

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  1. I’m such an anti-camper but I might be persuaded if these were the tents!! =)

  2. Glamping is certainly on my bucket list. The husband and I dream of going to Paws Up for an anniversary one day – it’s so gorgeous!

  3. My husband’s from NZ so he really loves the outdoors and has been wanting to go camping for ages. When I first mentioned glamping years ago, he thought I was making it up. We’re headed to Morocco this weekend for two weeks, and we’ll be glamping in the desert for a few days! He’s still embarrassed he agreed to it x

  4. Nice post! For more on all things glamping, drop by our basecamp at or!

  5. Janice


    I want to try glamping!  I saw a website that showed yurts, tipis, safari tents, and more from different parts of the world:

  6. Great post. Its brilliant you have the picture from the UK Glam Camping Company included in your list as they offer some great glamping products. In fact we have some fabulous things going on over here in the UK where glamping is concerned. Why don’t you pop over and check out glamping and some of the other emerging camping trends we’re starting to see.

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