Girl’s Night Out with Splendid!


If you made it out to the Splendid event last week, then you already know that a good time was had by all, but for those of you who aren’t in LA I thought we should share the highlights!  There were unbelievable craft cocktails shaken up by the Cocktail Academy, super cute diy cocktail napkins being made by Christina Prusz of Le Partie Sugar, and delicious bites from Thyme Cafe.  Just to sweeten the deal, we sent attendees home with the most delicious macarons from Scootabaker.  Seriously, they were amazing.  Of course it wouldn’t have been half as fun without my fabulous co-hostesses, Mara and Catherine.

Girls-Night-Out-Event-With-Splendid-LA-2 Girls-Night-Out-Event-With-Splendid-LA-3 Girls-Night-Out-Event-With-Splendid-LA-4 Girls-Night-Out-Event-With-Splendid-LA-5 Girls-Night-Out-Event-With-Splendid-LA-6 Girls-Night-Out-Event-With-Splendid-LA-10

The jumpsuit was a very popular look of the evening!  More than a few gals ended up going home with a new one, too!

Girls-Night-Out-Event-With-Splendid-LA-7 Girls-Night-Out-Event-With-Splendid-LA-8

Doing what I have to do to get the shot, ya know?! (PS. How cute are Kelly and Jeff?  Their wedding countdown is down to the final weeks!)


Girls-Night-Out-Event-With-Splendid-LA-11 Girls-Night-Out-Event-With-Splendid-LA-12 Girls-Night-Out-Event-With-Splendid-LA-13

BEST. Cocktails. Ever.

Girls-Night-Out-Event-With-Splendid-LA-14 Girls-Night-Out-Event-With-Splendid-LA-15 Girls-Night-Out-Event-With-Splendid-LA-16

Girls-Night-Out-Event-With-Splendid-LA-17 Girls-Night-Out-Event-With-Splendid-LA-18 Girls-Night-Out-Event-With-Splendid-LA-19 Girls-Night-Out-Event-With-Splendid-LA-20

Love the details of the Splendid stores, especially this cool light fixture.

Girls-Night-Out-Event-With-Splendid-LA-21 Girls-Night-Out-Event-With-Splendid-LA-22 Girls-Night-Out-Event-With-Splendid-LA-23 Girls-Night-Out-Event-With-Splendid-LA-24 Girls-Night-Out-Event-With-Splendid-LA-25 Girls-Night-Out-Event-With-Splendid-LA-26

Didn’t make it to this shindig?  I’m sure we will be hosting more in the future.  Stay tuned!

Photos by Kat Harris

Dress, Splendid / Shoes, Madewell 

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  1. soo much fun!! Such a great event , Jen 🙂 You’re amazing!! <3

  2. looks like a splendid party Jen and you look beautiful!!!

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