DIY // Gold Acorn Pendant


You only have to know me (Lindsay) for three minutes to know that the squirrel is my power animal. This is no joke: just ask my boyfriend how many squirrelly things we have in the house and his face will get very serious. He will solemnly say, “too many,” then go to his safe place where there are no portraits, pillows, figures, books, cookie jars, or kitchenware resembling the most majestic of the rodentia. So in a subtler nod to my favorite woodland critter – and to the autumn months in general – I whipped up a quick and easy Gilded Acorn Pendant DIY. Can’t find an acorn? Number one, that’s weird, number two, that’s okay, because tiny pinecones work just as well!

A large acorn or a small pinecone (or both!)
Mod Podge
Small paintbrush
1/16” or similarly tiny drill bit
Power drill
Acrylic gold paint
Gold jump rings
Gold chain necklace

• Seal the deal. First, bake your acorn or pinecone at 200 degrees for 20 minutes to kill any bugs and harden any sticky sap. Then, using some matte Mod Podge and a paintbrush, coat your charm with a thin layer of glue. Smooth out smooth the glue with the brush and hang to dry to avoid any uneven surfaces. The Mod Podge gives a warm sheen to the dry, dull surface while also reinforcing the delicate pieces.


• Drill baby, drill. Find an itty-bitty drill bit that’s slightly larger than your jump rings. Use pliers or a clamp to hold your acorn steady over a plank of wood and ever-so-carefully drill just below the acorn stem, or into the pinecone stem.


• Glam with gold. With a clean, dry paintbrush, brush gold paint all over your charm. You can layer generous amounts of paint for a solid gold look, or dab thin layers for a more natural look.



• Put a ring on it. Once the paint is dry, use a pair of pliers to open the jump ring. It’s important to twist up and out, not widen the ring into a “C” shape, so you don’t compromise the circle later. Carefully twist and push the jump ring into the drilled hole and use the pliers again to undo the twist. Once the ring is secure, slide it onto your gold chain.


Images and DIY by Lindsay Indermill

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  1. awe, this reminds me of a necklace my mom has had for the past thirty years.
    so sweet and perfect for the season.

    • Jen Pinkston


      Oh how cute! I have never seen anything like this, but I love that it has a bit of a vintage flair!

  2. Very cute! Love this.