Gift Guide for The Decorista


Have you ever noticed how many accessories it takes to make a room feel complete?  I’m convinced, by the way, that this is why I feel like I’m constantly working on some room in our house– even those I thought I had already checked off of my list!  If you break down your favorite rooms, you’ll begin to realize that even the seemingly simplest of spaces actually has many subtle details.  Since every design enthusiast knows that you can never have enough layers, these are a few thoughtful gifts we’re sure she’ll appreciate!  Happy holiday shopping, friends!  (For more gift ideas, see our other gift guides here!)

letter / spheres / book / candle / scissors / throw / platter / catchall / nightshirt / hand / fur pillow / foil pillow / knit pillow

  1. what a nice and comfy classic nightshirt!!1

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