Father’s Day Giveaway


What’s better than buying the dad in your life the perfect present?  Getting him the perfect present for free, that’s what!  Since it wouldn’t be summer, without a heavy amount of grilling going on, we decided that this Weber Gas Grill would make just about the toughest of dads get weak in the knees.  Whether it’s a grilled pizza, burgers or freshly slice zucchini, onions, and other market veggies, the grill makes everything taste better!

Klein Tools Giveaway

Today we have two chance to win!  Our second dad-approved must-win item is this awesome large tool bag complete with screwdriver set and pliers.  If you’re anything like me you have half a dozen half-empty tool sets lying around.  This might be the perfect time to get organized and consolidate all of the things you really need into one very cool bag!

How To Enter:

  • Leave a comment below telling us what your favorite thing about your dad.
  • Like The Effortless Chic on Facebook.
  • Keep your fingers crossed and check back in with us on Friday when we choose the winner!

Happy Father’s Day week, friends!

  1. Christy


    my dad is superman

  2. A few things I loved about my father: his penchant for puns (humor), his ability to stop what he was doing and take time to enjoy the endeavors of others, and lastly, his overall creativity (especially the pen & ink, watercolor pieces)! Thanks!

  3. Well first, our last name is Klein so how perfect would the Klein’s tool bag be?!?! But really, my dad is an amazing man. For the last 5 years I have been having surgeries and medical procedures. My dad was never a man who understood pain but since I blew my knee out in March of 2008, and then developed a PAINFUL nerve condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrom, he has been by my side supporting me through it all. He even came to a few conferences I spoke at about my condition and researched it to find out exactly what I was going through. My dad truly is an amazing man. He has been there for me my whole life, but for the last five years he has supported me emotionally and financially while I deal with everything my condition brings. Yesterday for instance, I had to have a procedure done and he was the first person to call me and check on how I was doing after it was done. And then he was the one who brought me my dinner while I was still in bed. He has this HILARIOUS laugh he does when he thinks something is really funny, and that in turn makes everyone else laugh with him. My dad never used to say “I love you” to us often, but over the last few years he has said it SO many times, especially when I needed to hear it the most. A grill or a bag is no where near enough to show him how much I love him and appreciate him, but its definitely a start. I feel like I am the luckiest girl in the world to have a Dad like him!

  4. Christi


    My dad is a renaissance man who can do anything and it’s all tempered with silly, goofy jokes and puns. The best combination!

  5. Et Pruitt


    The favorite thing about the father in my life is that he is always willing to listen to what I have going on and offer me great advice.

  6. Kat Campbell


    My husband is the best dad to our three daughters. He’s tough, but wrapped around their pretty little fingers. He works hard to take are of them, but when he’s home he loves to cook for them. They love his hamburgers on the grill! Too bad his grill died last weekend, we were looking forward to a summer of bbqing :-/

  7. My Dad always knows when I need a hug.

  8. What I love about my dad is that he is always there to save the day. He runs his own 24/7 business and still makes time to check up a few times a week to see if I ‘need anything’. From refinishing craigslist finds, helping me move from place to place, and even fishing my wedding ring out of a hole the floorboards once (Macgyver style, with a camera, gum and a hanger!), he’s just always there for me when I need him. I don’t know what I would do without him in my life.

  9. My dad is the most learned person I know; he is full of information and interpretations.

  10. Niki L.


    The one of my favorite things about my dad is his love of good food and cooking. He used to make me the most creative cupcakes to share with my classes when I was in elementary school. Nowadays, cooking is a wonderful hobby to share with him. We can spend hours discussing cooking methods or epic meals we’ve eaten. Not everyone in our family can relate, but it’s a topic for us that never gets old!

  11. what i love about my dad is how sentimental he is. he and my mom are moving out of my childhood home and as i was cleaning out some boxes, i found every single drawing i’d made him and report card i’d gotten. it meant a lot to know he cared enough to keep everything, even after all these years!

  12. My favorite thing about my dad is that he has overcome SO much and has inspired me throughout my entire life. He is always there for me and would drop anything in heartbeat if I needed him. Would love to be able to give him an amazing present this Father’s Day! 🙂

    xx Lynzy

  13. Katie Contests


    I love that my dad is such a softie. To others, he’s all business, with a crusty & crunchy outside. With his girls he’s a totally different man, affectionate and caring 🙂

  14. My favorite thing about my dad is his humility.

  15. Broni Slavens


    My Dad has never met a stranger and would do anything to help anyone – he’s the guy who always stops to pick up whatever crap has blown or fallen onto the road that the rest of us drive around:)

  16. What a heartfelt subject and I could write a report on how lucky I am to have my dad for a dad! He is a honest, genuine person thorough-n-thorough. He is the person who will look at a stranger and say hi and wish them a good day to everyone he passes no matter who they are. He gives up his seat in the subway for anyone (even though he is the elder 😉 and will always make sure he gives others room on the sidewalk for them to pass. He has such manners and a kindness to others that seems to be missing in this busy, hurried, rude world. It humbles me on how nice and kind he is. Thanks for having this so I could really THINK about my dad…even if I don’t win I’m happy to share..and read about everyone else’s awesome dads!

  17. Carolyn


    My dad has an impeccable judge of character. No matter how frustrating it is, he is always right about a person and he figures it out in about 2 minutes.

  18. Denise


    My father is the hardest-working man I have ever met. At the age of 74 he is still up at 5am every morning to provide for the family. He is unselfish with his time and his talents and I’m a lucky girl to have him as my “daddy”

  19. Caitlin


    I really appreciate that my dad is almost very literally there any time I need him. Anything from a car question to advice on buying something, he can be on the phone in a second with a great solution. Or, if need be, he’ll drop what he’s doing and drive out to help me with whatever is needed. What a great dad =)

  20. Martha Susan


    My dad can make anyone laugh – even when someone is most upset – pouting – or sad…he takes every moment to make someone smile.

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