Father’s Day Giveaway


What’s better than buying the dad in your life the perfect present?  Getting him the perfect present for free, that’s what!  Since it wouldn’t be summer, without a heavy amount of grilling going on, we decided that this Weber Gas Grill would make just about the toughest of dads get weak in the knees.  Whether it’s a grilled pizza, burgers or freshly slice zucchini, onions, and other market veggies, the grill makes everything taste better!

Klein Tools Giveaway

Today we have two chance to win!  Our second dad-approved must-win item is this awesome large tool bag complete with screwdriver set and pliers.  If you’re anything like me you have half a dozen half-empty tool sets lying around.  This might be the perfect time to get organized and consolidate all of the things you really need into one very cool bag!

How To Enter:

  • Leave a comment below telling us what your favorite thing about your dad.
  • Like The Effortless Chic on Facebook.
  • Keep your fingers crossed and check back in with us on Friday when we choose the winner!

Happy Father’s Day week, friends!

  1. My dad is the most patient person I know. With a house full of girls, that definitely came in handy. He is a great listener, and always willing to offer meaningful advice. Above all that, he makes a mean martini!!

  2. cindy mugford


    I’d like to enter my son’s Dad. At age 10 Jeff started taking our son Matt on Father Son Trips, usually including baseball and recently concerts. This was/is a time to talk about who you are, who you are becoming. What’s going on in your life today, and what you want to do with your life. This was my favorite thing Jeff ever did for our son, that and love me. Showing our love that we love and still love each other.

  3. This one is easy. My dad is my BIGGEST fan. I will always remember running track in high school. And when I rounded the last curve, heading to the finish line there were TONS of people cheering in the crowds. But every single time, I would only hear my dad’s voice above everyone else…cheering me on. And he still does to this day.

  4. My dad is so genuinely funny. He is witty and sharp and such a tech-head. Even though he has been retired for twenty years, he teaches part-time at a college and always manages to have the newest, most amazing gadgets before any of us. My daughters (3 and 6) think he is the silliest person on the planet and I love that.

  5. anne elliott


    I love my dad because he is steadfast. If i call him in a time of need (i.e. i’m stranded in my car and hour away or can’t reach a lightbulb in my house), he’ll drop everything and come to see me.

    He may make me crazy, but there’s a lot to love about him.

  6. Mary Frances


    My dad is uber-helpful. He’s always there for oil changes, anything involving a saw, and general heavy-lifting. He’s always offering suggestions and trying to make sure all of his kids stay on the straight and narrow.

  7. My dad is hilarious. – I love his sense of humor. He also loves to cook. We’ve taken several cooking classes together and we laugh so hard during them as we try hard to be the best in class. I’ve learned not to take life too seriously from him, and to look for the adventure in every situation.

  8. Trish K


    My dad was super supportive – he came to every recital, sports game, school event, everything, all while working 6 days a week (which I only realized as an adult.)

  9. Elisbeth


    What I love most about my husband as a dad is the obvious joy he takes in everything he does for our baby son and the times they share. I couldn’t have hoped for or imagined a better dad – and I’ve got a big imagination!

  10. Andi C.


    My dad has worked extremely hard in his life to provide for his family. It is something I really admire about him.

  11. My Dad. The guy that will always believe in me. When he gives me a squeeze and says “tough it out tiger” I instantly know I am not on the journey alone. He gives me the courage to keep going – just like he has always done.

  12. Christine


    My favorite thing about my dad is that he always puts his family first. He is not one to wear his heart on his sleeve, but he is a big softie inside. And he is an amazing handyman.

  13. my favorite thing about my dad is he always manages to make me laugh.

  14. Lauren


    No matter what the situation, my dad will always make us laugh. If we are ever going through something tough, he can get us to crack a smile and feel better about it.

  15. My favorite thing about my Dad is how open he is to new things and the amount of non-judgemental curiosity with which he approached everything from books, to Greenday CDs to boyfriends that I brought into our house.

  16. my pops is always looking for ways to create memories. ever since i was a kid he would take me and my mom to concerts, baseball games, and pretty much any fun experience that would be a memorable moment in our lives. i’m looking forward to doing the same with my son (due this fall) and our family.

  17. Kristen T.


    My dad is one of the most caring people I know. Even when he is steaming mad at you, if you need something he will always be there to help. And that doesn’t just apply to his children, it applies to all family and friends.

  18. katherine


    What I love most about my dad is that he makes a consistent effort to teach me and my sisters what’s most important in life: a balance of dedication to family and friends, hard work doing something you love, giving back to causes that are special to you, and time for relaxation and fun will give you a life that you can look back on with pride.

  19. My dad is quite possibly the friendliest and funniest guy I know. He has this ability to make strangers into friends the first time he meets them. He is also a certified clown, which always makes for fun times!

  20. shaina brown


    my dad is downright goofy. he’ll start the morning singing made up songs/tunes. while it bothered me as a child (seriously, who is that giddy in the morning?), its a quirk i look forward to when i visit my parent’s now.

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