Fall Outerwear Checklist // Shearling


It’s too soon, isn’t it?  I feared it was and yet I just can’t help but begin planning for fall.  If you’re going to make a purchase you might as well do it now and get the most wear out of it right.  I mean who knows when that first fall breeze may be.  Since I have a strong love for all things outerwear, it seemed like an appropriate place to start for our fall checklists.  Plus, shearling is at the tippy top of my “Things I Want Now” agenda.  If you’re not familiar with shearling, it’s essentially the coat of a shorn sheep.  Soft and warm and oh-so-in right in.  Get ’em while it’s still hot?


In other news, I’m using one of my precious babysitting hours visiting The Cocktail Lab here in LA today. So I mean that’s responsible, right?  Hope all of your weeks are off to a great start!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE shearling- I’ll definitely look for some great, animal friendly versions for Fall! (I have a guilty conscience). Thanks for the inspiration!

    Rebecca | The Peach Bellini

  2. funny thing is i’ve had my shearling coat for years and just when i think i want to get rid of it…you’ve given me another to keep it…thanks Jen!

  3. Love all of the street style inspiration! So many great coats!

  4. oh my gosh i’m absolutely lusting these!
    have you seen the shearling bags loeffler randall has for fall? so good.

  5. Ooooh, love #1!!

  6. Ahh i wish LA got cold enough so I could wear some of these amazing jackets!

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