Fall Florals on a Budget


In my opinion, there’s nothing that brings life to an indoor space quite like fresh flowers.  (Although these are nice, too!)  However, replacing fresh flowers on the weekly can get really pricey really fast.  Fall is the perfect time, though, for some pared down simple florals that are easy to do yourself and won’t break the bank.  Here’s how:


Step 1: Choose a vase with a narrow neck so that it lends itself to just a few well-curated stems.

Step 2:  Pick one stand out bloom.  Garden roses are a great alternative to the much pricier peony and are available year round.  Chocolate Cosmos also look really luxe for the price.

Step 3: Pick your fillers… and we aren’t talking baby’s breath or carnations here.  Rice flowers, magnolia integrafolia, and china or hypericum berries look wild and exotic, but are super cost efficient.  They are also heartier than most blooms so they’ll last longer.

Without further ado, head down to your local flower mart, farmers market or Trader Joe’s and channel your inner floral designer!  We would love to see what you come up with!

image via ruffled blog

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  1. awesome post! Now I need to go to the nearest flower shop.xx

  2. Love this post, as I’m always overwhelmed by the price of fresh flowers! Can’t wait to create this cost-efficient fall arrangement 🙂

  3. I always love having fresh flowers around the house, these arrangements are so beautiful!

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  6. judith


    i would love to see more posts like this for different seasons!