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This is officially Parker’s second Easter, but since she was just two weeks old last year it kind of feels like her first.  (Which of course makes me even more excited to celebrate!)  She is just learning to walk and won’t be able to tote around a typical basket, so I’m in love with this paper plate basket diy that Corrie created for us!  It’s perfect for kids to create and decorate themselves– which makes it all the more fun to carry around come Easter morning.  Keep reading for the full tutorial…


What You’ll Need:

  • scissors
  • pom poms
  • two paper plates makes two baskets
  • circle paper punch
  • yarn or pom strand for strap/handle
  • glue (we used an elmer’s glue stick and it worked great. you might try something stronger for more durability, though)
  • brightly colored and/or patterned paper (make sure it’s the same on the front as the back)
  • scotch tape


Place the two paper plates on top of one another and cut down the middle.  Keep the top two and bottom two as mates to ensure they’re the same size.

Using your paper cutter, cut circles out of the colored or patterned paper.

TEC_Kids_Easter_Basket_DIY_3 TEC_Kids_Easter_Basket_DIY_4

Place the glue along the bottom inside of the plate and glue colored circles down in a row.  Then add more glue and seal the basket with the second plate to make your basket.



Add more glue to the outside and place pom poms along edge.  (You could also let kiddos color the outside of the plates, although we didn’t.)

TEC_Kids_Easter_Basket_DIY_7 TEC_Kids_Easter_Basket_DIY_8 TEC_Kids_Easter_Basket_DIY_9

Using scotch tape, add yarn or pom pom strand from one side of the plate to the other to add your strap.  Be sure to tape it to the inside where it won’t be visible.  Ta-da!  That’s it!  Super simple, right?  Plus it doubles as a dress up purse after this weekend!

TEC_Kids_Easter_Basket_DIY_10 TEC_Kids_Easter_Basket_DIY_11

Photography by Emily K Morgan

DIY by Corrie Sullivan

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  1. Maggie


    How sweet!

  2. Well done 🙂 By the way I’ve discovered your website because you liked a picture on my Instagram and I went to see your profile… Well lucky me because it’s really cosy around here, you have a new fan of your work 😉 see you soon

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