Doing Laundry with The Honest Company


I should probably begin by confessing that I love doing laundry.  I always have.  Even my mom will vouch for me on this one! I love the smell.  I love the methodical process of folding it all.  And I love that when you’re finished you have more clothes to choose from when getting dressed.  People warned me that our laundry would multiply when Parker arrived, but I had a hard time fathoming how this little nine pound babe could come into the world and create so many dirty clothes.


But she did.  Onesies, pajamas, crib sheets, diaper changing covers, bath towels, and the list goes on.  When I was 38 weeks pregnant I began the great endeavor of washing all of her things before she arrived.  It was a two day process mostly because I realized halfway through that I was washing her things with our current laundry detergent which was full of fragrance and all kinds of questionable chemicals.  Ooops.  That’s when I first tried The Honest Company laundry detergent.  I loved the fresh, barely there scent and her clothes came out super soft.  I’ve been using it ever since.  Once she was born, it took  just a few diaper changing incidents before I began using the oxy boost pods and was amazed at how well they lift stains, so those are a mainstay around here now, too.


Honest-Laundry-4 Honest-Laundry-5

I’ve spent a small fortune on clothes for this gal, but still there’s nothing cuter than a baby in just a diaper.  Am I right?

Honest-Laundry-6 Honest-Laundry-7

Honest laundry detergent is naturally non-toxic, hypoallergenic, biodegradeable and pH neutral which means it’s free of the things commonly found in other laundry products like phosphates, formaldehyde, petrochemicals, and more.  It’s also made here in the USA which is kind of a rarity.

Honest-Laundry-8 Honest-Laundry-9 Honest-Laundry-10



Get started with The Honest Company by signing up here.  You can even try out some of their other product for free here or their essentials bundle.  Also, The Effortless Chic readers can enjoy $10 off their $40 minimum purchase using the code HonestlyChic. The coupon is valid for U.S. and Canadian residents. Applies to first-time orders only. One per customer. Expires July 18, 2014.

Photography by Stephanie Godfrey

  1. Olivia


    So cute!! Where did you get the laundry basket, I love it!

  2. jen, your laundry room is so pretty and clean! i’m jealous. mine doubles as a pantry and a utility closet and also where our dishwasher is because it won’t fit in the kitchen! phew. we love our honest diapers over here and, once we run out of the detergent we currently use, i’ll definitely be adding it to our next bundle!

  3. Where is that basket from? Love it!

  4. sally murphy


    We use all of their products! I love the natural smells and regular cleaning supplies have harsh chemicals that give us headaches. Love the pictures of Parker 🙂

  5. Nice post….hi Parker!

  6. That baby is just SO CUTE!!! Adorable!!!

  7. rachel


    It’s so true, I’m the laundry maid in our house and I love it!

    • Jen Pinkston


      I’m glad I’m not the only one!

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