DIY Succulent Planters for Earth Day

My mind is often wandering into the world of actionable things that can be done to make this world, and our day-to-day, a brighter, more hope-filled place.  We chatted a few months ago about what it looks like to raise the next generation in a kinder, more compassionate world and after watching this documentary I felt compelled to learn more about composting and the waste we create.  There’s so much work to be done that it can feel overwhelming, but I love the way Aveeno’s Earth Day campaign is creating actionable steps educating consumers about the recycling process of their products and how to make the very most of every Aveeno lotion and body wash. We’ve teamed up with them today to bring you this super easy and really chic succulent planter DIY that’s made out of– you guessed it!– our old Aveeno Daily Moisturizing lotion and body wash containers.  Keep reading for the full DIY and to find out how you can have a positive impact on our planet without ever leaving the bathroom…

First things first, when you’re done with your product, remove the pump and discard as the pumps aren’t recyclable.  Then just give your empty bottle a quick rinse and toss in the recycling bin instead.  Or, even better, create these adorable succulent planters!

Lotion Bottle DIY Succulent Planters

What You’ll Need (for one):

-one empty bottle of Aveeno lotion or body wash, rinsed well (available at

-sharp scissors

-gray + white spray paint

-painters tape

-potting soil

-decorative pebbles or rocks

-succulents of your choice


  1. Begin by discarding the pump from your bottle.  Next, cut the top off of your bottle at the desired height for your planter.  Ours are about 4-5″ tall.  Recycle any remaining plastic.

  1. Next, cover your “planter” in 2 coats of gray spray paint, allowing to dry completely in between each.

  1. Once the gray paint is completely dry, cover the top half with painters tape before applying the white paint to the bottom.  Allow to dry completely, then remove the painters tape to reveal your chic new planter!

  1. Add a few decorative pebbles or rocks to the bottom of the planter to ensure proper water drainage.  Then add the succulent and surround with cactus potting soil.  Finish your DIY succulent planters by topping with decorative pebbles or rocks.

Aveeno also recommends using dual compartment trash cans in your bathrooms so that you can separate your recyclables from your trash.  So genius! So many of us already do this in our kitchens, but I’ve never thought to do it in other rooms of the house!  (I bought this one for our bathroom and office here.)

Any positive, actionable steps for the environment that you’ve been able to implement into your daily routine?

Photography by Katie Jameson

This DIY Succulent Planters post was sponsored by Aveeno, a brand we could not be more excited to partner with this Earth Day!


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  1. I’m digging back through your DIY archives, these are super cute. I have a lot of china teacups I’ve been meaning to make into planters. I might use the spray paint/painters tape method from here to paint a gold stripe around the rims or something like that.

  2. Katie H.


    Love these environmental posts of yours! Such a cute craft project!

  3. These are so cute! And I love how they are made reusing something that would typically just get thrown out. Perfect!

    ~Krisztina |

    • Jen Pinkston


      Thanks so much, Krisztina! I am loving them! Aaron just finished a giant bottle of protein that I’m pretty sure would make a perfect front porch pot!

  4. Such a cute idea!! I want to make one but I’m afraid my cat might eat it.

    xx Jennifer
    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    • Jen Pinkston


      Yes! My sister said the same thing! Oh, kitties!

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