DIY // Outdoor Rope Basket


With so many fun autumnal options to help transition the house into fall, I (Lindsay) like to find a few pieces that can stick around throughout the year. Basically I want something that says, “use me to harvest your apples AND store your Christmas bulbs AND display a spring bouquet.” Versatility, friends. It’s everything. Pour a glass of wine, turn on some Netflix, and settle in to make your own coiled rope basket that you’ll want to display year-round.

What you need:

3 spools of 1/4 in. x 50 ft Manila rope

Mod Podge

wide paint brush

hot glue gun and glue

18” plastic flower pot


What you do:

Start by wrapping one end of a piece of the rope into a tight little coil, like a little fern bud. The rope is going to fight you and try to break free, but a few dabs of hot glue with some light pressure will keep things in place while you get through the first couple wraps.


Using the upside down flower pot as a guide, continue snuggly wrapping layers of rope into a large disk. You can prevent the coil from breaking apart by dotting the inner, touching edges of rope with a little hot glue every three inches or so.


Once you reach the edge of the flower pot bottom, flip the pot right side up and carefully maintain the tight coils with hot glue (still just a dot every 3”) as you now build the basket from the bottom up. Occasionally rotate the flower pot inside the growing bucket to make sure the hot glue doesn’t stick.


When you reach the top of the flower pot, coat the entire outside of the basket with a generous layer of Mod Podge, making sure to cover all the little crannies and the bottom disk. Once the outside is dry, or least only slightly tacky, remove the flower pot and do another Mod Podge coat on the inner walls and base.


Cut three 6-foot strands of rope, knot them together at one shared end, and tightly braid the length of the ropes to make a handle. DIY-Rope-Basket-The-Effortless-Chic-6

Line up the handle such that the braid arches 4-5 inches above the top edge and the two lengths make straight lines that reach just past the bottom.  Use hot glue to secure the braid and follow with a coat of Mod Podge to make it sturdy. Repeat this step for a second handle that lines up with the first one.


You can easily use molds in different sizes or shapes for laundry hampers, make-up containers, desk accessories – you name it! Manila rope (found at any hardware store) comes in a variety of diameters, making custom projects a cinch.


DIY photos and instructions by Lindsay Indermill of Squirrels & Curls

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  1. rachel


    this is buy one get one free! We get a great make idea, really happy that you’re featuring stylish (of course) makes, but also find a new blog to follow, win win, thanks xx

    • Jen Pinkston


      I totally agree! Lindsay’s blog is full of great tutorials and recipes! It’s a must follow!

  2. I think that would go pretty well with the log fire I wish I had!

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  4. GREAT basket! LOVE it! Thanks for the tutorial! Smiles, Jill

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  6. Thanks for this tutorial! I am going to make one for my mother, and one for myself. Of course, mine must be covered in glitter and other sparkly things 😉