DIY // Ribbon Trim Boucle Jacket


I just finished cleaning out Parker’s dresser drawers over the weekend.  While there have been a few outfits from time to time that have been retired over the past few months, this was the official “you no longer fit into 0-3 clothing” clean out.  It was bittersweet.  It’s funny the memories that you can connotate to a piece of clothing.  There was the outfit she was wearing when my mom and I took her to the mall for the first time and couldn’t figure out afterwards how to collapse the stroller and get it back in the car, among others.  Now that I’ve tackled Parker’s room, I’m ready to take on my own closet.  Rather than getting rid of everything I’m not wearing, I’ve been inspired to revamp some of it instead.  Molly’s ribbon trim addition to this boucle jacket is right up my alley!  Here’s how to get the look:



  • jacket
  • assorted ribbon / trim
  • needle + thread
  • hot glue / super glue

DIY-Ribbon-Trim-Boucle-Jacket-3 DIY-Ribbon-Trim-Boucle-Jacket-4


  1. Super glue/hot glue any embellishment beading / jewels onto the ribbon color of your choice. * be careful of how much glue you use – it might show through.
  2. After the glue has dried cross stitch over the embellishment just to make extra secure.
  3. Lay out all ribbon on jacket sleeve in pattern that you want.
  4. Stay sewing it on! *i put a few dabs of hot glue to secure the ribbon in place before i started sewing – made it much more manageable.

DIY-Ribbon-Trim-Boucle-Jacket-5 DIY-Ribbon-Trim-Boucle-Jacket-6 DIY-Ribbon-Trim-Boucle-Jacket-7 DIY-Ribbon-Trim-Boucle-Jacket-8

Photography by Stephanie Godfrey // DIY by Molly Fleet

Jacket via Mango

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  3. What a fun idea! I do love that Mango jacket. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautiful jacket and beautiful detail! Love

  5. It looks great! Thansk for sharing!

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