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I’ve always prided myself on being whatever the opposite of a hoarder is– or as my husband likes to say, cold-hearted and unsentimental.  (JK… kind of.)  It’s just that I’ve never been one to keep a lot of arbitrary things for sentimental reasons because it just ends up piling up somewhere and looking like clutter to me.  Then came Parker.  She wraps her chubby little two year old hand around a blue crayon, drags it across an 8″ x 11.5″ sheet of paper and suddenly it’s a masterpiece in my eyes.  Her “works of art” are quickly accumulating and now I understand why my mom used to always tell us just to “make her something” when we would ask what she wanted for any given holiday.  So, this Mother’s Day, take my mom’s advice and consider making your own mother this beautiful tag set that Maritza created for us.  It’s practical, thoughtful, and oh-so-chic!


What You’ll Need:

  • Tag Set Printable
  • Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Bone folder


1. Download and print the tag set

2. Cut along the solid lines and fold (use the bone folder to create your creases) along the dashed lines

3. For the sleeve, use glue to adhere the back of the tag to the folded tab

4. Fill out your tag and slide it into the sleeve


Photography and Tutorial by Maritza Lisa for The Effortless Chic

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