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Spring has sprung, friends!  Or, in the case of Los Angeles, spring has come and gone and it’s very much beginning to feel like summer.  I adore the heat, the warm sun, and even the humidity– I swear, I’m not even lying about that last one.  There’s no better way to bring the great outdoors in than with some cute succulents and house plants which is why I love this simple macrame plant holder DIY that Sarah created for us!  And should you catch the macrame bug, you can check out other projects to inspire new creations here!   Take it away, Sarah…


It’s always nice to decorate your house with some fun design elements, so we figured we would try making some new macrame plant hangers. If you are not familiar with these, they are a decorative hanging items made out of string or yarn that hold your potted plants.  We had a lot of twine just hanging around our workshop so we opted to use that. This project is super simple and is the perfect way to add a quick ,decorative element into your house!

What You’ll Need:

-Twine (string or yarn also works well)
-Hot glue gun


1. Begin by cutting three pieces of twine, measuring each out to the same length. The length select depends on how long you want yours to hang. I over estimated on purpose and cut mine around one and a half feet.

2. Next, tie the ends of your three pieces together in on knot.

3. Take the knotted end of your twine and secure it under something heavy. Once your twine is secured, begin braiding your twine. Once you finish braiding your twine, tie a knot so the braid does not undo itself. Repeat this whole braiding phase two more times. When you finish, you should have three separate completed braids.

diy-easy-macrame-plant-hanger diy-easy-macrame-plant-hanger diy-easy-macrame-plant-hanger

4. Once all three braids are completed, you will want to take one end of all of the braids and tie them in one big not to secure them together.

5. Now it is time to figure out what plant you want to hang in your macrame hanger. Once you find one that you think works, measure off an area about half way up your macrame hanger where you will make a knot in the center. This will help secure your plant so it doesn’t fall out of the hanger. Then, tie a knot in the center of your braids. You can either leave the knot like that or cover it with twine to give it more of a finished look.


6. If you have decided you want a more finished look, begin by wrapping twine around your knot in a circular motion – this part may require more than one person – placing each piece directly next to the one preceding it until your knot is covered. Once you have your knot covered you will need to use your hot glue gun to fasten all the twine together. You will need to hold the twine in place while the hot glue dries around 5 minutes or so. You can judge this by slowly releasing your fingers from the twine when you think the twine is dried and see if it moves.

7. Now it’s almost time to hang your plant! For this last part, you will need your hot glue gun and perhaps a helper. If you have one person holding the hanger in the air, you can place your plant in the hanger. Once in position, you can place a small drop of hot glue where the twine touches the top of your pot to make sure the plant stays in place once it is hung. Voila!


Photography and Tutorial by Sarah Campbell for The Effortless Chic

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