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Need an original Valentine for your sweetie? Give them the keys to your heart–along with a cheeky leather key chain hand stamped by yours truly!  Today’s DIY comes to us from Lindsey McCord of Lindsey Crafter— a truly talented prop stylist and maker! (Who just so happens to be up for the Mrs. Meyers Maker award– vote for her here!)  Gifts that meet at the intersection of handmade and totally useful happen to be among my favorite types of gifts, so I am extra excited for this one!  Take it away, Lindsey!


I had several remnant pieces of leather from a bag-making class that I didn’t have the heart to throw out, so I refashioned the scraps into cute message key chains! You can find these supplies online or in most large craft stores in time to whip up a few of these for your Valentines.  Let’s get started!

Unfinished Tooling Leather
Ball Point Pen
Shop Scissors
Rubber Mallet
Letter Stamp Set
Industrial Hole Punch
Key Chain Ring and Jump Ring


With a straightedge or ruler trace a tag or rectangle shape onto the piece of leather with a ball point pen.

diy-hand-stamped-keychain-3 diy-hand-stamped-keychain-4

Cut your traced shapes out with sharp shop scissors, ensuring you’re cutting within your inked-in guidelines so the black edges are removed. Cutting leather can be tricky, so make a few testers and use the best ones for your final key chains.


Letter stamps won’t leave a significant impression on dry leather. Dampen the leather tags with a cloth or sponge to condition the surface for stamping.

After choosing your phrase align the first letter on the tag, press the stamping tool down firmly and tap several times with the rubber mallet. You may want to practice stamping letters on a scrap piece of leather before you start stamping your key chain tag– I sure did! Test different levels of pressure and be sure you’re working on a flat and sturdy surface like a table or counter.


When you’ve finished, punch a hole at the top center of the tag. Attach the leather tag to a key chain with a large jump ring and pliers.


Now every time your sweetheart looks at their keys they’ll think of you! Great right?! Make a few more keychains with your scraps or use as luxe gift tags for birthday presents!

Photos and tutorial by Lindsey McCord

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