DIY Halloween || Mermaid + Merman Couples Costume


Let the Halloweening continue!  I am out in Seguin, Texas this week shooting on location– doing a very different kind of costuming than what we have for you here today!  While most of our costumes have always been kid-centric because they are just so much fun to dress up.  Today our editorial manager, Britt, obliged to bring this Mermaid and Merman of Atlantis shoot to life.  It’s super easy to make and you can do it on the cheap in very little time.  What are you guys going to be?!  Aaron and I are dressing up this year for the first time since our Rachel Zoe and Brad Goreski costume circa 2011 and I’m pretty excited! (See here for our other Halloween Costumes.)

mermaid-merman-couples-costume-2 mermaid-merman-couples-costume-3

Mermaid + Merman Couples Costume

What You’ll Need For the Mermaid:

  • 1 piece (8.3 in x 11.7 in) metallic pink felt
  • 1 piece (8.3 in x 11.7 in) metallic gold felt
  • 1 piece (8.3 in x 11.7 in) light pink felt
  • iridescent pipe cleaners
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • pins
  • Tulle Sleeveless dress from Zara
  • Nude Ribbed Halter Crop Top from Forever 21
  • metallic skirt (or 1 yard metallic fabric and safety pin)

What You’ll Need For the Mermaid Necklace and Anklet:

  • 1/2 yard gold trim
  • 1/2 yard gold string or cord
  • 3 scallop sea shells
  • 4 large, flat silver sequins
  • 1/4 yard gold sequin trim
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks

What You’ll Need For the Merman:

  • 2 yards gold metallic fabric
  • 1 yard iridescent fabric
  • 2 yards gold tulle
  • 3/4 yard gold trim
  • 1/4 yard gold string or thread
  • 2 large scallop sea shells (Hobby Lobby)
  • 2 cut spire sea shells  (Hobby Lobby)
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • 3 safety pins

What You’ll Need For the Trident:

  • 1 3-pronged trident from Amazon
  • copper spray paint
  • 1/2 yard gold sequin trim
  • 7 large, flat silver sequins
  • 2 small scallop sea shells (Hobby Lobby)
  • 1 cut spire sea shells  (Hobby Lobby)
  • iridescent pipe cleaners
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks

mermaid-merman-couples-costume-4 mermaid-merman-couples-costume-5


Begin by drawing two scallop sea shells on the back of the felt about the size of your hand. Cut them out and used a glue gun to wrap the pipe cleaner along the outside edges. Place the metallic felt shells onto regular pieces of felt and glue them along the outside edges again, in order to have a softer fabric to attach to the tank. Glue gold felt onto the sea shells and then pin the final shells on to the shirt. I used a glue gun to glue the edges to the tank.

mermaid-merman-couples-costume-6 mermaid-merman-couples-costume-8 mermaid-merman-couples-costume-7

For the necklace, use thin gold cord and gold string to attach sea shells with a glue gun to hang from the necklace.

For the merman cape, tie the gold tulle and half of the iridescent  fabric in 2 knots on the end. Then use the ribbon to tie around one of the knots.  Tie the gold string used on the necklace onto the other knot. Using a glue gun, attach shells to the knots and the end of the ribbon. Use the gold string to connect the shells to the other knot to hold up the cape.

For the bottom half, fold the gold fabric and the rest of the iridescent fabric in half and drape it on your costume partner, using a safety pin to connect it.

Spray paint your trident to the color of your choice. Using a glue gun, attach the shells to the fork. You can drape fork in sequin string from anklet as well.


Happy Halloween!

Final photos taken by Katie Jameson at Laguna Gloria

Crafting and Process photos by Britt Towns

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  1. These costumes look awesome. I am still trying to figure out what I wanna be for Halloweeen, but I know is it’ll be a DIY.

    Xx, Fatima