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If your kiddo has activist inclinations (or you work for the tree permitting office of Austin) then this might be the costume for you! At a time when things are nothing if not political, what better way to make a statement than with this fun and bright Dr. Seuss’, The Lorax costume. It’s super easy and there is zero sewing involved! Keep reading for the full tutorial and be sure to leave your costume ideas in the comments!  (You can also check out our Birthday Cake, Pac-Man, Paw Patrol, Peacock, Mermaid, and Chocolate Chip Cookie costumes!)


NO-SEW THE LORAX COSTUME & GLASSES (no sewing involved)

– 3 yards of orange fur fabric
– 1 yellow craft fur patch
– yellow glasses – punch out the lenses
– old costume (we used an old spiderman costume) that fits your kid to use as a base
– large sheet of paper (for pattern) large enough for costume to fit on
– spray mount (med – strong adhesive)
– hot glue gun & glue sticks
– pins
– sharpie
– x-acto knife
– scissors


– cardboard
– white spray paint
– sharpie
– pencil
– x-acto knife
– carbon paper
– printer

Instructions for the Lorax Costume Suit:
You do not need to know how to sew to construct this furry jump suit

First, find an old slip on costume (one piece) with a closure in the back, that fits your child (I chose to get one second hand for $7) You will use this costume as the base and make the pattern for your fur suit.

Layout your large roll of paper and pin old costume ontop, then trace around it to get the exact size for your pattern. Cut out that pattern.

Layout your orange fur fabric with the fur direction pointing down (very important) and put the non fur side up. Place your pattern ontop of the fabric and pin it down. Trace around the pattern. Using a very sharp x-acto knife, cut it out. Now you have the front side of your furry suit.
Take the pattern off and now repeat the above step, that will be the backside of your furry suit.

Next – Have your child put on the old slip on the costume. Lay the front side fur piece on the ground and use spray mount on the entire thing (the non furry side) Have your child move close, as you carefully pick up the front fur piece and place it on their front, adhering it to the old slip on costume. This will take some skill and time to get it to fit, it won’t be perfect, but the fur hides imperfections.
Then – take the back side fur piece, spray mount the entire thing and place it on the back side of your child. Trying carefully to merge the seams of both the front & back fur sides. Reinforce this by patting down the pattern to the old slip on costume, to make sure the fur adheres.
You can touch up open spots or holes with the glue gun.

You will need to make an opening in the back of the suit, to get it on. So find the slit opening in the old slip on costume, using an x-acto, just follow that line and cut down the back of the fur suit, so it matches. Then you can use the same closure.


Lorax Glasses:
Using the glasses – draw a mustache that will be just a bit bigger than the glasses out of cardboard, cut out. Then do the same with the eyebrows.

Lay the yellow craft fur down with the fur pointing down and the non fur side up. Spray mount the cardboard mustache and then place it on the very bottom of the fabric, (so that there are fur pieces dangling) Then just cut out the top portion of the mustache, and leave the bottom raw with the fur dangling. Do the same with the eyebrows pieces (dangling fur)

Use the hot glue gun to adhere the mustache & eyebrows to the glasses.


Lorax Sign:
Use cardboard from an old box and spray paint a side of it white. You can freehand the type and then cut it out into a speech bubble.

OR print out “I am the Lorax, I speak for the Trees” from your computer You can download a Dr Seuss font here.
Once you you have your printed type, place it ontop of carbon paper (you can buy it at any craft store) put both on top of the white cardboard and then outline each letter. Once you are done, you will have outlines of letters you can color in with a sharpie. Then cut the cardboard into a speech bubble shape and attach a stick holder with a glue gun.


Photography by Emily Morgan

Crafting and Tutorial for The Lorax Costume by  Kathlene Linehan

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  1. Hi!I had problems using the yellow craft fur patch for the Mustache and eyebrows – when I cut it most of the fur just fell off . Please offer Any advice to prevent this from happening! Thanks!