DIY Eucalyptus Wall Hanging

Is there anything better than walking into a home full of plants or fresh flowers?  It adds an element that you just can’t get with other types of decor– there’s nothing like the scent, the lush green, and the “livingness” of it all.  If you’re looking for a little weekend warrior project, this DIY Eucalyptus Wall Hanging is an easy way to add some green and fresh herb-y aroma to your casa! Plus, like most of our DIYs, it’s extremely easy and won’t take up too much of your Saturday. (Read: still plenty of time for brunching and getting together with friends!)  Speaking of the weekend, what’s everyone up to?! We are working on pulling together our new temporary home. The boxes are unpacked, but there is a big, empty dining space just begging for the perfect table that I can’t seem to find. Any favorites out there? Keep reading for the full tutorial and photos for our DIY Eucalyptus Wall Hanging…

DIY Eucalyptus Wall Hanging

What You’ll Need:

  • Cotton Embroidery Floss in 1-3 colors
  • Wood Dowel Rod (Choose the length that you would like your wall hanging to be)
  • Scissors
  • Eucalyptus
  • Nail for hanging
  • thicker, heavier cord for hanging dowel


  1. Cut the eucalyptus limbs either into even lengths or according to how you would like them to hang. (Ours were shorter on the sides and came to a longer point in the center.)
  2. Begin tying basic loop knots around the tops of the eucalyptus. Leave a decent amount of thread to attach to the dowel.

3. Once all of your eucalyptus branches are threaded, attach to the dowel. Then attach your cord to either sides of the dowel for hanging.

Pretty simple, right? (And it smells amazing!)

Photography for DIY Eucalyptus Wall Hanging by Katie Jameson

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  7. ami desai


    Love this! also any chance you’ll share where you got the plant/pot holder from?

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  9. Do you dry the stems out first? I’ve read about watering them for a week with water and vegetable glycerin to Dry them out before using For decorating.

    • Jen Pinkston


      Hey Mary, no we didn’t dry them prior to working with them and just let them dry naturally.

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  12. I love this idea! One question – how long does it last or do you expect it to last?

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  14. Simple and fresh! And bonus that it doesn’t take up premium counter space like flowers do in a smaller space like a bathroom.

  15. So pretty and minimalistic! Very lovely.

  16. This is such a cute idea! I’m just afraid my cat would eat it(he’s eaten plants before). Maybe if I were to put it someplace out of reach for him, but I still think he’d figure out a way to get to it! Ha!


    • Jen Pinkston


      Haha! That’s so true! Maybe faux plants for you 😉

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