DIY Costume || The Mini Yogi


Haven’t a clue what your kids are going to be yet for Halloween? Don’t worry, I have a feeling you’re in good company!  If your not the DIY type and all of the good packaged costumes near you are sold out, then this costume might just be right up your alley.  If the mini yogi isn’t your speed, you can substitute it for the activity of your choosing! Mini cyclist? Ballerina? Football Player?  Aerobics Instructor? Your nearest sporting goods store or Target should have exactly what you need. Olive’s mama just so happens to be a yoga instructor herself, so that tree pose is no accident and her form at two years is probably better than mine!  When all is said and done with this costume, the best part is you can keep using the pieces all season long.


What We Used for our Mini Yogi Costume:

mini-yogi-halloween-costume-3 mini-yogi-halloween-costume-4

Also, this post makes me wish I had time to squeeze in a yoga, pilates or just about any kind of class this week, but it’s a busy one.  I did however start a fitness challenge with my sisters and cousins, so it’s a minimum of a 30 minute work out every day for me this week. (We shall see how long I last!)


Photos by Katie Jameson

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  1. Aww this is just adorable! So precious, hopefully it’s warm enough on Halloween so all the costumes aren’t hidden by coats.

    xx, Fatima

    • Jen Pinkston


      We had a warm one here in Texas… unlike right now!