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Last week our architect was working out the electrical layout for our house which had me thinking a lot about light fixtures which in turn had me thinking a lot about the furniture layout since that will determine where we need lights.  We have this fourth bedroom downstairs that is going to serve as an office / guest room.  99% of the time it will be an office, but when we do have guests in town or when we want to lure our friends out to stay with us, it needs to be able to transform into a super cozy guest room.  I love the idea of daybeds in an office where they look more like a sofa, but can then transform into a bed on occasion.  (Added bonus if it’s actually a trundle bed.  Double added bonus if the trundle actually pops up so you can turn it into a double or queen. So far the only one I have seen that does this is the Ikea Hemnes bed.  Anyone know of others?!)  We have thought about making one of the upstairs bedrooms into a guest room, but it is so hard for me to justify an entire room of the house as a guest room when I know there will only be a handful of times a year that it gets used as such.  So for now I’ll be shopping for daybeds. Thoughts?  Anyone out there with a shared office/guest room space? Or people with a guest room that find it totally indispensable? Daybeds shopping guide below…



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  1. Jackie


    This one’s cast iron and a very different look than the other daybeds you’re considering, but it does have a pop up trundle. It’s from one of our favorite stores:

    • Jen Pinkston


      Oh I actually love that one! I just fell down the rabbit hole of their whole site– so good! Thanks, Jackie 🙂

  2. Hi – Restoration Hardware has lots of options – twin, full, & queen daybeds with or without trundles, but you have to go to their baby & child site to find them:
    Faced with the same dilemma, we went with this –
    Pricey, yes, but perfect!

    • Jen Pinkston


      Okay, that bed is seriously amazing! It becomes a queen?! Is it comfortable? Adding this to our list. Thanks for the thoughtful comment. I really appreciate it! Xo

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