Dad-Inspired Design


As ladylike as we can be over at Caitlin & Caitlin, we have a serious penchant for masculine-oriented design. Dark paint, chesterfields and plaid are all part of our decorating go-to’s, so with Father’s Day fast approaching, we thought it would be the perfect time to present to you a round-up of “dad-inspired” design. And if you’re an exceptionally sweet progeny, feel free to use it as a proper gift guide!


Our personal favorites:
-The Papa Bear chair by Hans Wegner is perfectly named for the occasion, even though Father’s Day wasn’t an official holiday until Nixon signed off on it in 1972–well after this mid-century classic was created.
-Any vintage artwork (like the portrait shown here) that conveys a sense of sophistication, history and whimsy.
-Manly-themed objects made of brass make for a fun juxtaposition between concept and material that brightens and refines any room.
-Though a must for any study, it’s so hard to find a good globe! This one is unique with its tulip base and pop-art paint job.


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  2. Kind of obsessed w/ that plaid blazer! 🙂

  3. Great ideas, love all of them.

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