Creating The Perfect Table With Caitlin & Caitlin


Caitlin and Caitlin here! When we design a table arrangement like the one we did for the “An Effortless Chic Thanksgiving” that went up on Monday, we like to be as creative as we would designing a room. We never miss an opportunity to create a design moment and hosting a dinner party is no exception! Here are some tips for putting together the perfect place settings and stunning center pieces. Just don’t forget to leave room on the table for the food!

-Mix and match! There’s no rule that all of your plates, glasses, etc. have to coordinate–they just have to complement each other. Using a variety of different pieces adds depth and layers to your table (as shown in our EC Thanksgiving photos!).

-Black elements=sophisticated. Especially with a backdrop of neutrals and metallics, the inkiest of colors reads chic and refined, making everything else pop through the contrast. Almost like a period at the end of sentence.

-Bring balance. One thing is certain–at the holidays, food will be a focal point of your table–so don’t forget this when planning your menu. Make sure to take into account what each dish and drink requires so you can fit all of the components in an aesthetically pleasing way without things looking claustrophobic.

-Mind your height. An important rule in successful tablescaping is creating a 3D environment by varying heights of center pieces, candles and glassware. To play it safe, try to source each piece in different sizes. It will pack a ton of visual interest.

-Incorporate unexpected objects. If you’re feeling crafty, take a stroll though Pinterest for inspiration that fits your decor–anything from napkin holders to table runners. We love the calligraphy inscribed and gilded reclaimed wine corks that were hand crafted for our EC Thanksgiving!

-Design with flexibility. Hosting can be stressful when you put too much pressure on yourself–especially when paired with the unpredictability of your guests’ busy schedules. Have an extra place setting or two on hand to take one last worry of your “plate” and keep the champagne pouring!

Here are a few of the pieces we used in The Effortless Chic Thanksgiving, with a couple of our other favorites, so that you can achieve the same look this holiday season!
Tablescaping Techniques
Photo by Jordana Sheara

  1. Very unique dining room table and chairs…love it!….nice decor as well

  2. Mickey


    what a beautiful look, where on earth did you get the table? it is exactly what i am looking for!!

    • Jen Pinkston


      Hi Mickey, our table is custom made from Big Daddy’s Antiques here in LA. There is also one in San Francisco.

  3. lauren


    can you please tell me where you purchased the deep gold bowls on the table setting. love them! thanks