Countdown to Coachella

I’m not going to lie.  I am more than a tiny bit jealous of all of you who are heading to Coachella this weekend!  The bands, the food, the parties and gifting tents– its all enviable– but I am mostly sorry to be missing the street style fashion show of boho chic that is undoubtedly going to be on display.    I went ahead and planned my outfit anyway… you know, just in case a last minute ticket should arrive at my door 😉

Because my personal style tends to be more east coast prep I blended the two worlds.  The style of the long messenger bag is quite bohemian, but the color and gold chain action are actually quite classic and very UES.  The floral print of this Tucker dress definitely qualifies as hippie chic but the more tailored silhouette stays true to my preppy roots.

What are you all packing?  Promise to take pictures, okay?!

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  1. I love the blend of boho/prep for your coachella style! Now you’ve got me thinking about my imaginary outfit… 🙂

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