Cool Hunting // The Bright Accent Chair


Sometimes it’s hard to incorporate color, and for good reason.  There’s something classic and fail-proof about choosing something in tan or gray or navy, so it’s only natural that we gravitate towards it.  Plus, there’s the fear that we’ll quickly get sick of whatever bright and bold piece we choose.  However, life with no color can be kind of boring and the same goes for a color-less space.  I love the way these accent chairs bring a major dose of pigment into their living situations.  What do you think?  Worth the risk?  I would take number seven in a heartbeat!

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  1. I say it’s worth the risk! I love how powerful a small dose of color can be in a room, when carefully selected… Choosing the perfect color is hard, but exciting! I love the mix of classic design and a modern pop of color in the chair in the four photo.

  2. Beautiful crafted chairs and I couldn’t agree more….a little color makes everything better!!!!

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