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You’ve heard it said that the design is in the details and it’s true.  What separates a room from looking commonplace versus stylized is often times one thoughtful vase or pop of color.  We’ve been talking about updating our kitchen for awhile– adding a backsplash, painting cabinets and the like– but it’s amazing how far a great pendant light will go.  It totally makes these four kitchens above.  One of the first things we did when we moved in was replace a lot of the light fixtures.  It can be an inexpensive way to totally change or update the existing look.  How rad would one of these be in a kitchen?  (We have #6 in our living room.)


01. /02. / 03. / 04. / 05. / 06. / 07. / 08. / 09. / 10. / 11. / 12. / 13.

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  1. Changing the light fixtures was one of the first things we did as well, when we moved into our current house! Although they are a big step up from what was previously there, they’re very bland compared to what I would choose if I was living on my own. *sigh* compromising with a husband can be such a challenge!

  2. Molly {Dreams in HD}


    totally agree with you, pendant lights make a big impact for a relatively low cost. i look forward to when we own our own home someday and can actually update the fixtures 🙂

    • Jen Pinkston


      That will be so exciting! It was seriously the first thing we did in some of the rooms!

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