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While there is still so much to do before we move in– like birth a child and finish building the house that feels like is moving along so slowly these days– I’ve already mentally begun to shop for furniture.  There are a few things that we know we will need to replace.  Our living room sectional being one of them since the chaise side is just too long for the space and would block the extra large sliding door to the backyard.  The second is our bed, which we have adored for the last six years.  It was our first king-size bed and, let me tell you, nothing makes you feel more like an adult than that first sleep in your own king-size bed. However, the windows in the master bedroom (which you can see in the image below) which will flank either side of our bed start lower to the ground meaning we will need lower bedside tables, which also equals a lower bed.  Also, our style has changed a lot in six years and the style of this house is dramatically different than our traditional LA bungalow that we called home for half a decade.  You know how you feel like there are so many choices and so many stores until you’re shopping for something that you know you will likely have for the next decade and suddenly it feels like it’s not out there or you just can’t make a decision?  There are sooooo many good beds that I’ve come across in my hunt that I figured I would round up some of my favorites. (One, two, and three from the wood beds round up and five, sixteen, and eighteen from the upholstered round up are probably the closest to what we are going for aesthetically, though some look like they might be too far off the ground.)  Any favorite brands or shops that we missed? (Also, do these images make anyone else want to go cozy up in bed? I’m beginning to feel a little sleepy…)

via Studio McGee

via Mocha Casa

via The Glitter Guide

via Amber Interiors

via SF Girl by Bay

via Design Sponge

via Ave Styles

via Amber Interiors

via My Domaine

01. || 02. || 03. || 04. || 05. || 06. || 07. || 08. || 09. || 10. || 11. || 12. || 13. || 14. || 15. || 16. || 17. || 18.

01. || 02. || 03. || 04. || 05. || 06. || 07. || 08. || 09. || 10. || 11. || 12. || 13. || 14. || 15. || 16. || 17. || 18.

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  1. Wow….number one is simply stunning and classic….this post is so inspiring xx

  2. All of those beds look fantastic!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

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