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Hi, again friends – Sara here.  I am back with another round up for your home…one that I am particularly digging these days.  From wallpapers to bedsheets and sofas to tiles (yes floral tiles!), florals and foliage are popping up everywhere. It should really come as no surprise. These prints can speak so much to the mood of a room. A heavy, brooding, large print peony wallpaper can feel bold, strong and formal. A pastel, small bud print chair can feel light, playful and work well in a kid’s room, for a hint of whimsy. A large green palm art print can make your living room feel natural, casual and provide guests with a warm welcome. You get the idea, but boy there are so many ways to play with plants!  Gone are the days of grandma’s overdone floral sofa. In are the days of dark, moody peony wallpaper and pressed fern leaves in clear panes of glass.  Florals and foliage as home textile patterns have seen a major re-emergence in the last few years.  Keep reading for my round up of home items that are fully owning their love of petals and leaves…

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(image via Frost on Flower)

(image via Samantha Santana)

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(image via Wilder Nessa)

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