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I find myself thinking about the differences between my twenties and thirties a lot.  I feel more confident in my thirties than I did in my twenties, which I think is a product of knowing myself better, feeling more secure in my core values, and having just a little more life experience under my belt.  I like to think certain things don’t get to me as much as they would have in my twenties, too. I also make decisions differently now.  Buying things in my twenties felt very experimental; like I was still trying to define what my style was and that uncertainty led to many an impulse purchase and things that sat in my closet with the tags on for months until they reached their final destination at a Buffalo Exchange.  When I buy things now, the decisions feel more permanent.  I’m wondering if I will still be using / wearing this item a year, two years, or five years from now and how it will endure.  When we moved into our rental and found ourselves needing mundane household items like paper towel holders and trash cans, I found myself standing in big box stores completely unable to make a purchase decision on anything.  Sure it might just be a small bathroom trash can, but why shouldn’t it be beautiful? Why shouldn’t I want it to live in my house for the next decade, glancing over at it and letting it’s supple leather or rip sawn wood grain bring me joy? The hunt for chic household essentials began and really hasn’t ended, but 17 of my favorites are below for your shopping pleasure…  What’s different about you in this decade compared to your previous one? Has the way you make purchase decisions evolved?

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  2. This stuff is so cute for the home!

    xx Jennifer
    Effortlessly Sophisticated

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