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We are back in the swing of things this week after I spent the weekend in Sonoma with all of my cousins, celebrating the bride to be!  We drank so much good wine and got dressed up for some really yummy meals.  Between playing catch up this week and trying to make it to as many Pilates classes/Gym sessions as possible, my wardrobe vibe has been very casual.  Based on the popularity of last spring’s best t-shirts round up, it seems like you guys might just love a good t-shirt as much as me! With that in mind, I put together a new one with tees that are actually available now since last spring’s picks are mostly out of stock.  Just because you’re wearing something casual, doesn’t mean it can’t look pulled together and chic.  Juxtapose the pieces so that there is some structure.  Either a tighter fitting or more tailored pant with a drapey tee or a more structured, fitted tee with a more relaxed fitting jean.  Boots are always a nice way to keep things effortless, but very chic.  (You can see our top pics for boots here!)  If you’re opting for a sneaker with your look, make sure your showing a little ankle skin (scandalous!).  It makes for a more thoughtful, stylized look.  I tried to narrow down my favorites, but so many are calling my name!  Top 4 for me would probably be: 01, 03, 06, and 07. (Although 2 and 20 are also so good!) What are your favorites?


01. || 02. || 03. || 04. || 05. || 06. || 07. || 08. || 09. || 10. || 11. || 12. || 13. || 14. || 15. || 16. || 17. || 18. || 19. || 20.

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ROW 1 || one | two | three | ROW 2 || one | two | three | ROW 3 || one | two | three |

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  1. Love the way all the ladies are rocking their t-shirts…so stylish xx

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