Cold Brew Coffee


How long has this even been a thing?  I had no idea what cold brew coffee even was until we were in Palm Springs in 100 degrees in June and discovered the 24 hour brew from local coffee shop.  Aaron is absolutely obsessed with it.  We have driven countless miles to new coffee shops in multiple cities to try their cold brew so he is fast becoming quite the expert.  If you are local, you have to try the coffee at Republic of Pie in North Hollywood.  Aaron swears their cold brew is the best he has ever had and most of their coffee drinks are half price from 8-9am.  If you aren’t close to a cold brewing coffee shop, you are in luck!  It is actually quite easy to brew in your own kitchen by following these easy steps…

STEP 1:  Find the coffee you like best.  This brewing process brings out all of the intricate flavors of the beans so invest in good coffee.  Our favorite is Handsome Coffee Roasters.  Coarsely  grind beans for the french press.

STEP 2: There are a lot of different ratios that people recommend, but here is what we like best.  In an 8 cup french press, add 2/3 cup of ground coffee beans and three cups of water.  Put the lid on but do not plunge filter.  Let it sit on the counter for 18-24 hours before plunging filter to separate your cold brew from the grounds.  This makes 3 cups of iced coffee.  For a milder taste, dilute with water and your cold brew will go even further!  Bottoms up!




  1. It’s just got big in Australia !!,

  2. wow, I love iced coffee… definitely going to have to try this!

  3. This isn’t new. My mom used to make cold brew coffee in the 1980’s with this thing called the “Toddy”. It concentrates the coffee, so you just add a little bit to hot water and voila!

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