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With May in full swing and June just around the corner it seems there is plenty to celebrate. (I am currently celebrating a baby who turned six weeks last week and a husband just two weeks from his summer hiatus– hooray!)  Whether you’re toasting the happy couple, the new grad or the beginning of summer, you’ll want to do it with this champagne cocktail.   Perrier-Jouët asked us to introduce you to their new limited edition cuvée, Belle Epoque Edition Première and we were happy to oblige.  It is seriously the most delicious champagne!  Keep reading for the cocktail recipe and to enter the contest below…

Perrier-Jouet-Champagne-Cocktails-2 Perrier-Jouet-Champagne-Cocktails-3 Perrier-Jouet-Champagne-Cocktails-4

From recipes to my wardrobe, in the spirit of summer, I have been trying to keep things simple.  This recipe is no exception.  I can say with 100% certainty that this is by far the best champagne I have ever tasted, so we didn’t want to over power the taste with a bunch of other ingredients for this cocktail.  A splash of St-Germain and a garnish of fresh mint makes it a unique sip, but ensures this delicious bubbly is still the main attraction.

Perrier-Jouet-Champagne-Cocktails-5 Perrier-Jouet-Champagne-Cocktails-6 Perrier-Jouet-Champagne-Cocktails-7

We are giving away a set of 12 of these limited edition glasses to one lucky winner, so be sure to enter below!  Leave a comment below letting us know what you’ll be celebrating in the coming months.

Perrier-Jouet-Champagne-Cocktails-8 Perrier-Jouet-Champagne-Cocktails-9

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Photography by Melissa Valladares
Drink Responsibly.

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  1. First, dear god those glasses are beautiful that match the bottle, and DARN I can’t believe I missed the give-away. Secondly, wow! Nice find on a blog sponsor for them to send you a bottle of that champagne, doesn’t it cost over 200 a bottle. I would totally splurge on a bottle so beautiful and especially for spring, if available in my area … but alas it’s not!

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  3. Evita Jones


    Very excited to be done with grad school and ready to marry my fiancé in a month!

  4. Kristen


    I’m turning 40! These would be the perfect glasses to toast with!

  5. kristen mcclary


    my birhtday



    Life, a celebration of life!

  7. My husband’s 60th birthday!

  8. I am really looking forward to celebrating my sister’s engagement!

  9. Kathryn


    I’m hosting two art shows in the coming week!

  10. kay schoening


    Someone gave us a bottle of this for our anniversary it is so good!!

  11. Tarreyn


    LOVE this! I have a big summer coming up that’s exciting and scary all at once! Leaving my home town, friends and family and moving to Los Angeles at the end of the summer! Would love to toast to my new home, new job & new life adventure!

  12. Time to pop the bubbly -I just announced on le blog, Mon Amye, today that we booked a trip to France this summer! This is a long-awaited trip for the hubby and I, and we’re planning to visit the Epernay region while abroad. Would love to enjoy these adorable flutes at home while we plan our excursion! So pretty and inspiring!

  13. Carrie


    In the next few weeks I hope to be celebrating a new job and just enjoying summer along The Bay!

  14. Salley


    We have lots to celebrate this spring – my husband’s graduating with his masters, our 5th wedding anniversary, and my husband’s birthday are all this month!

  15. i am excited to celebrate my parents visiting and wedding dress shopping 🙂

  16. Nicole O


    Just like you I am celebrating my 3 month old son and looking forward to a summer full of new adventures.

  17. My brother graduated from college this past Friday! Very proud of him and definitely something worth celebrating.

  18. I’m excited to celebrate my best friend’s champagne birthday on the 28th!

  19. Lots to celebrate, actually. My college graduation and my mothers next big letter birthday!

  20. It was a rough winter on the east coast. I am looking forward to being outside all summer with friends!

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