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Dark And Stormy :: The Effortless Chic

Is anyone else day dreaming of summer already?  I know it’s only January, but I’m already fantasizing about long summer days when we can grill pizzas and drink wine in the backyard with friends on a Friday night.  I am really trying to get better about living in the moment.  I mean, there are still things to look forward to about winter.  The Super Bowl.  Valentine’s Day.  Excuses to make all kinds of warm and wintery soups.  (I think I might also be looking forward to summer a little bit more than usual since our little one will be here with us then!)  It may not be sangria or margarita weather just yet, but these Dark ‘N’ Stormy cocktails are perfect for the moment.

Dark 'N' Stormy Cocktail :: The Effortless Chic

Dark ‘N’ Stormy Recipe

(makes 2 cocktails)

  • 4 ounces dark rum
  • 8 ounces non-alcoholic ginger beer
  • 1 lime (plus more for optional garnish)


Fill two glasses with ice, or use giant ice spheres like we did.  Next fill each glass with 2 ounces of dark rum, followed by 4 ounces of ginger beer.  Finish each cocktail with a squeeze of fresh lime juice.

Dark 'N' Stormy Cocktails:: The Effortless Chic

Photography by Melissa Valladares

Glasses, West Elm / Chalkboard, Restoration Hardware

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  2. Dark & Stormy’s are one of my favorites.
    There is a little Jamaican cafe in Inglewood that makes AMAZING ginger beer that would be perfect for this cocktail 🙂

  3. !LOVE! a dark and stormy. I was introduced to them when my roommates were 2 Bermudans. My life has not been the same since 🙂

    • Jen Pinkston


      Oh how fun! They probably would not approve of our addition of a little lime juice– I think it’s an american twist on the cocktail, but it’s really delicious!

  4. love this cocktail!

    • Jen Pinkston


      It is one of my favorites! So easy, too!

  5. love this cocktail!

  6. Umm, looks delicious! 🙂


    • Jen Pinkston


      You have to try it! It’s a cinch to make too!

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