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The Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

While most accessories tend to be a one-size-fits-all situation, sunglasses are definitely not. How many times have you picked up a cute pair of shades, only to be less than thrilled with the way they fit your face when you looked in the mirror? The truth is, specific styles work better for different face shapes.  No matter how much you love those oversized Tom Ford sunnies, if your features are petite, they probably aren’t the way to go.  Last week I shared some of my tips and tricks for sunglass shopping over on  I figured it was only fair to share them this week with you…  Happy sunglass shopping!

1. If your face shape is square– think Michelle Williams and Jessica Chastain– balance the strong lines and angles that characterize a square face with with soft, round lines in your frames. Try any one of these:


2. If your face is heart-shaped — think Reese Witherspoon and Taylor Swift — keep frames slight and simple. Heart-shaped faces tend to have petite features that can be overpowered by large frames.



3. If your face is round– think Elle Fanning or Kirsten Dunst–  you are in luck!  Round faces tend to be really versatile. Have fun with a variety of different shapes and styles.



4. If your face is oval– think Kristen Stewart or Jessica Alba– go for larger frames to complement a longer face.  It’s all about creating balance!  Try any one of these:



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  1. I am sunglass shopping today, so a good post for me. Lots of great options.