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Key Holder DIY + Tutorial

We have found out over the past several weeks that we are living with a key thief.  A very cute, very adorable key thief, but a key thief nonetheless.  I don’t think I appreciated how tall she has grown until I watched her from afar stand on her tip toes and grasp at the cute potted cactus in the above photo that was positioned a good 6″ away from the ledge.  With those same tippy toes and grabby arms, she has managed to swipe both Aaron and my keys on multiple occasions, so we’ve been in the market for a solution.  A …

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My Style || Vote + Chunky Knits

It’s a big day here in our country.  Albeit, not as big as tomorrow, but it still feels like a day where we are all taking a deep anxious breath before the drama that will undoubtedly be this second Tuesday of the month in November.  Don’t worry. I’m not about to tell you who to vote for or who I am voting for.  It’s not that I don’t feel passionately about the issue.  In fact, I feel so passionately about the candidate I am voting for.  Here’s what I will say, that if you are of voting age here in the …

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Happy Weekend || Fave Links

Haaaaaaaappy Friday, friends!  How are ya, out there?  I just flew back from a quick trip to Minneapolis yesterday.  With the exception of Chicago, I haven’t been to the mid-west since high school (St. Louis), and fell so in love with Minneapolis this week.  It’s such a nice blend of city life and laidback mid-west life, delicious restaurants and bars, and kind, interesting people.  Anyone out there a reader from the mid-west? I totally get the draw! Speaking of the draw, that Cubs game!  I have never been a huge baseball …

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Cool Hunting || Best Handbags

I’m on the hunt for a new bag and I have maybe never been more particular about anything in my life.  Last summer we were at Disneyland and I saw this super chic woman with the Celine large trio bag and fell a little in love.  Luckily, I bought the $20 Old Navy version first to give it a test drive and realized it’s not the bag that I want to make that kind of an investment in.  The three different compartments is actually kind of annoying because I never know which compartment the item I am looking for is in. I also bought an …

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