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What To Listen To Now // May

Happy Friday, friends!  It seems like we are barreling towards summer, faster and faster, and I couldn’t be more excited!  We are t-minus 10 days until Memorial Day and just in case thoughts of long, leisurely days, warm weather, and tropical cocktails aren’t enough to get you in the mood for this season of all seasons, Matt dropped off this playlist which should surely do the trick!  Speaking of Matt, he is quite the in-demand music supervisor these days!  He just made a big move from Disney to NBC-Universal and we …

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What To Wear // Beach Weekend

Last weekend, Aaron had booked a little staycation at the Casa del Mar for Mother’s Day. It was so thoughtful and sweet, but on Thursday, after looking at the dismal weather forecast, he spilled the beans on his surprise plans and we both decided to postpone the getaway until the summer when temperatures would be warmer and we could stay longer.  Now it’s all I can think about, though!  We are considering this resort in Oxnard or this one in Laguna.  Has anyone stayed at either?  We are open to other ideas too so send them …

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DIY Fabric Tile Coasters

Is there anything better than something you can make yourself for less than $3 or, even better, probably for free from things you already have lying around your house?  Not to mention, something that you will actually use?  No, friends!  The answer is no!  My friend Corrie is an incredibly talented designer and artist and we have been putting our heads together recently to create super simple DIYs that you actually want to use.  We fell in love with these Minted fabrics a few months ago and have been loving incorporating them into the …

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The Best of Graphic Tees Under $40

There is something about the term ‘graphic tee’ that makes me think about high school and not in a good way, but in like a Baby-Spice-wearing-a-baby-doll-tee kind of way.  Feel my drift?!  However, that hasn’t stopped me from wearing this one on repeat.  I’m realizing that I haven’t fully appreciated the value of the graphic tee or given them the credit they deserve until recently.  They can be super chic!  Since I can’t duplicate the one I already bought last year and J.Crew is no longer selling it …

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