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DIY Fabric Lampshade Update

Our master bathroom demo was supposed to begin yesterday, but we ended up having to postpone a month because of the floor tile.  I was so ready to take a sledge hammer to the white square ceramic tiles, but I know the wait is going to be worth it!  (We are getting our floor tile from Fireclay and it’s gorgeous!)  In the meantime, here is a project that Corrie created for us on a much smaller scale that takes all of 30 minutes to complete.  Most of us have lamps in our home already, and this simple fabric update can totally change …

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Summer Capsule Wardrobe // Look 3

Happy Monday!  How were all of your weekends?  I could tell you how relaxing ours was and how we spent so much time outside and had the best breakfast burritos at the farmers market on Sunday and it would all be true, but I also spent the majority of the last 48 hours reflecting on a movie we saw Friday evening.  Aaron and I decided to kick off our weekend by attending the LA premiere of a new documentary, The True Cost with a couple of friends.  (Highly recommend!  Go rent it now on iTunes!) I was really intrigued by the …

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What To Read Now // Summer

I recently learned that when Aaron is out of town and I am in bed alone at 10pm with my laptop, what begins as catching up on emails or writing a post always ends in an impulse purchase.  It could be cute baby shoes or new dry shampoo, but it will undoubtedly be something.  Last week Aaron was out of town for six nights in a row.  Parker got new shoes on night number one and I got new craft supplies for an upcoming project on night number three, but luckily for both of us on night number two I binge ordered 4 books via Amazon …

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10 Ways To Wear Summer Layers

Here in LA, we’ve had our fair share of hot and steamy days already this year, but lately we’ve been greeted with chilly mornings and cloudy gray skies most days.  I’m not complaining!  A lot of mornings Parker and I bundle up in our layers and spend the morning playing in the yard while I enjoy a second cup of coffee before our day really gets going.  It’s had me very glad that I added a few layers to my summer capsule wardrobe (and had me wishing there were perhaps a few more!).  Today we’re debunking the …

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