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What To Listen To Now // August

Oh August.  In lieu of fun holidays like your July counterpart you usually come bearing heat waves instead.  However, we won’t hold that against you, especially since this playlist courtesy of the one and only music supervisor (at least in my eyes) Matt Mugford comes bearing so many good jams I can hardly stand it.  Dying over this JR JR jam and at least half of these songs take me back to my days of living in Austin, TX, so how can I be mad?  Let’s agree.  We won’t be mad at August instead we will soak up every last …

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On The Road // Vancouver

Our vacations of summers past used to include far flung destinations on different continents where it was best to avoid street meat and few people spoke english.  Fast-forward to life with a toddler and a growing business and our vacations have become a lot more domestic!   Two weeks ago, though, I found myself in Vancouver styling a shoot for Ergobaby– which is such a beautiful brand inside and out, by the way.  I can’t recommend them enough! It may not feel super exotic, but, for the record, you do need a passport and it is …

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The Best High Waisted Jeans Round Up

Consider this post a PSA of sorts.  The high-waisted jean has long enough been snubbed the ‘mom jean’ and the case for these stylish, on trend, and flattering pants begs to be made.  (Not to mention, why the negative connotation to mom jean, friends?  Half the gals in the above images are mamas and quite stylish!)  Anyhow, I actually didn’t become a high-waisted jean convert until after I had Parker, so I kind of get the whole mom jean thing.  It keeps everything in the right place, highlights your natural waist while …

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Brunch Recipes // Savory Sausage Waffles

Breakfast is kind of a big deal in our house.  It’s a rite of passage by which the day begins and sets the tone for the next 12 hours.  Everyone knows mornings can be hectic, but for those twenty minutes that the three of us are huddled around the kitchen table, all is right in the world.  Now I know that donuts are all the rage and I’ve never been known to turn down an almond croissant, but at home we usually keep things savory.  Some iteration of eggs, bacon and repeat, though, sometimes you just need to splurge on the …

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