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DIY // Magnetic Play Board

Now that we’ve entered toddler-hood, I’m thinking about play differently than I did when she was a baby.  When she was small, I would often put her on a blanket with a variety of toys to encourage her to crawl around and explore.  It was also interesting at the age to see what she was gravitating towards.  Now that she’s older, I’m trying to get better at playing in more compartmentalized ways.  She has accumulated so many toys in her 16 months of life that it’s a little overwhelming and I’m trying to …

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Real Talk with Real Moms // Sleep

Is it just me or is a ‘good sleeper’ the holy grail of babies?  You can hope for a boy or girl, a head of hair or your husband’s dimples, but if we’re being totally honest here we’d likely trade it all for that urban legend of a baby who comes home from the hospital doing 12 hour stretches through the night.  (Has anyone actually met this baby?!) I remember when Parker was a few months old, I would be up in the middle of the night texting my friends from Mommy & Me to get the skinny on how their babies …

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50 Under $50 // Sandals

Despite the age of Pinterest, I still have a total magazine obsession.  It includes everything from slightly obscure (Lula!) to completely age inappropriate (looking at you Teen Vogue!) and everything in between.  I have only recently begun to read them again since Parker was born and decided she would take up a lot of that leisurely magazine reading free time. (Love you, P!)  The obsession can be traced back to a trip to San Francisco that I took when I was 17 with my mom and her two sisters.  We were reading a newly launched Lucky …

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One Piece, Two Ways || Rompers

Now that my capsule wardrobe experiment has come to an end, I’ve added a couple of new things to my closet and they all have one thing in common: they’re rompers, friends.  The easiest of all summer garb, they require minimal accessories and still look stylish, they’re lightweight and breezy making them perfect for summer.  To make them even sweeter, you can run, jump and play at the park with worrying that your flashing some poor passerby like I do sometimes when I’m wearing a dress.  Dress them up or dress them …

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