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Bathroom Updates for Every Style

The hardest part of designing our bathroom was really knowing where to start, coupled with the fact that Aaron and I were co-designing a space together.  I really wanted brass hardware, to which he said “veto”.  He could have done without a bath tub all together, to which I said “veto”.  There were lots of totally “pinnable” spaces that we found along the way that we both really liked, but they just didn’t feel like us or they didn’t vibe with the rest of our place.  So, if you’re …

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One Piece, Two Ways || White Shirt

With September madness just around the corner, Aaron, Parker, and I spent the weekend relaxing with friends in the backyard and mostly just taking it easy.  (Aaron and I even managed to squeeze in dinner and a movie Friday night– the best!) I will be in New York the week after Labor Day for a couple of work projects and have already started the mental packing list of what I can wear that’s cool enough for dashing around the city in what’s sure to be humid weather and pulled together enough for meetings.  If you know me, …

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On The Road // Disneyland

When Aaron told me that he wanted to take Parker to Disneyland before his summer hiatus was over and he was back to work, I was definitely not 100% on board right away.  I’ve never been one for big crowds or waiting in lines and the tickets aren’t exactly cheap.  That being said, Aaron travels a lot the other 10 months of the year when he isn’t on hiatus, so if this was on his summer bucket list then I was down to make it happen.  You guys!  I can’t believe I didn’t jump at this trip from the beginning! …

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10 Ways To Wear a Summer Hat

If you’re reading this from somewhere in the southern hemisphere right now, consider me jealous.  This past weekend’s triple degree temperatures have me dreaming of cooler temps even if it means traveling to a distant locale!  When it’s hot out, wearing a ton of layers is not an option, so my favorite way to add a little style and beat the heat is with a hat.  They’re equal parts practical and chic and can be worn dozens of different ways.  Here are 10 of my favorites to help get you dressed this week! …with …

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