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On The Road // New York

New York City.  Where to I even begin?  I was 18 and a freshman in college when I first stepped put into The Big Apple, but it was love at first sight.  I loved the energy of the city.  The diversity.  The endless things to do.  The food.  Oh my gosh, the food.  I went back twice a year throughout college to work at fashion week, but when it came time to relocate after graduation I headed west instead with my sights set on Los Angeles.  I may never call NYC home, but I do take advantage of every excuse I get to pay her a …

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20 Best Sweaters for Fall

Nothing says effortless chic quite like the perfect fall sweater.  And while real fall weather may still be alluding some of us, we haven’t let that stop us from plotting and planning our next knitwear purchase.  The key with knitwear is to juxtapose the fit with the rest of look.  If you’re sweater is fitted and cropped (like #2), pair it with a pair of high-waisted flared leg jeans.  If your sweater is drapey (like #8), pair it with skinny leather leggings or your favorite cropped skinny jeans.  Also, you can switch up …

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My Style // Joggers for Fall

You may have noticed from my Instagram feed that I was in NYC last week.  It was crazy hot and humid, but the fall fashion in all of the stores has had me dreaming of cooler weather ever since!  I’m so excited for this current season in fashion.  I am loving the boxy, cropped silhouettes, the 70s silk tops and flared leg jeans and someone help me before I buy all of the clogs.  All. of. them.  In the meantime, I’m slowly transitioning my closet from summer to fall.  I usually wear this denim top with denim shorts (and clogs, …

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Traveling with Kids: How To Pack for Two

For Aaron and I, travel has always been a part of our relationship. We took off to Europe together the summer after we started dating and have since made a tradition of hopping around the world when we get the chance. Whether it’s a road trip to Yosemite or a long flight to China, we are always down for an adventure on the road! While we haven’t taken Parker abroad yet, she has definitely become quite the domestic frequent flyer and road warrior. Whether it’s Disneyland for a night, Palm Springs for the weekend, or Austin …

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