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DIY // Fall Floral Arrangements

As far as favorite indulgences go, fresh flowers fall somewhere between dark chocolate and a great cocktail.  They instantly brighten up any space and let you flex your creative muscles as you pull them together.  It’s something that Parker and I have turned into a little Friday afternoon activity and only makes it exponentially better when she waltzes by and then points to her chest saying, “Par-per!”.  Last week we took a field trip the LA Flower Mart– hands down one of my favorite places in this big, crazy city! …

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Paisley Dress + How to Make The Most of The Weekend

Weekends are pure gold.  There’s nothing better than two days off with your favorite people to do whatever your hearts’ desire.  As Parker gets older and Aaron and I find ourselves busy with work, I find myself being more and more protective of them.  It’s our happy place.  I countdown the hours until they begin with the anticipation of a child on Christmas Eve and loathe when they end.  When I was in college I actually worked for a family who hired me just to run their weekend errands so that they could spend …

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20 Best Colorful Coats

While I love a beach day in January and the ability to enjoy dinners al fresco 350+ days a year, my penchant for good winter coats is totally lost on this beautiful Southern California weather.  As the outermost layer of your cozy winter look, they’re the first impression you make when you bump into someone on the street or step foot into a restaurant.  This winter, consider adding a bold dose of color to your neutral coat collection.  What better way to brighten a dull snowy day than with one of these statement making pieces? …

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Hair Tutorial // The Cool Girl Wave

I’m a firm believer that the best blog posts begin with a big confession, so here goes:  You know how sometimes all of a sudden I go for weeks at a time where I only wear my hair wavy?  Well, it’s because it’s super grown out and I haven’t had time to get it cut, so it just looks tremendously awful any other way.  That’s why I make it messy and wavy beyond belief and hope you don’t notice.  Some of you, though, have actually asked in the past for a tutorial on that messy, wavy ‘do, so when Living …

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