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Cool Hunting // The Best of Sleeper Sofas

There are plenty of perks to owning your own business– no boss to report to, a flexible schedule, and ultimate decision making to name a few.  Like all good things, though, it also has its drawbacks.  Namely, in this case, the necessity of our guest room being converted into an office space.  Before Parker was born, we did most of the traveling to see family and friends and we really didn’t miss the space too much.  Now that we have an adorable toddler on our hands, though, you’d be surprised how those visits from mom …

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Almond Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

You know how you have these fantasies about how certain moments will go down in your life and then they’re nothing like that?  Well, I  have dreamed about cooking with my daughter since before I even knew I was having a daughter and have been forcing that moment for quite some time now.  It has ended in a coconut oil catastrophe which proved really hard to fully clean off of our tile floors and lots of pasta flung to far off destinations and yet I still let her crack our eggs open every morning.  (Please try to imagine her chubby …

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Before + After // Master Bedroom Makeover

I never thought I would say this, but now that we’ve completed our master bathroom, I’m kind of missing all of the home improvement projects!  The last four years of home ownership have been filled with tasks like replacing our sprinkler systems to updating our kitchen and everything in between.  Now our place kind of feels complete and I’m finding myself with an itch to scratch.  When my friend Kate began talking about wanting to do something with her master bedroom I jumped at the chance to get my hands on that room! …

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The Only Gift Guide You Will Need All Season

This is THE year.  The year that I get my holiday shopping done before December and don’t spend hours panicking last minute about what can still ship and make it here by Christmas.  As my gift to you, I’m posting all of our gift guides, right here, right now.  Because you know what’s better than posting nine different gift guides over the next five weeks?  Posting all nine of them in this one post where you can knock out your holiday shopping in one fell swoop or just refer back to this post as you need.  It’s so …

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