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Cool Hunting :: The Best Jackets

It’s no secret that having a couple of great jackets in your arsenal is essential to a well edited wardrobe of pieces you can mix and match in any season, but did you know the cool girl jacket is what makes the effortless chic wardrobe world go around?  It’s the best way to pull of the whole effortless cool, laid back california look.  You can pair a very put-together, structured jacket with a plain white tee and your favorite jeans and shoes and be ready to tackle just about any appointment.  If you need to dress up the …

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Take the Stress out of the Holidays

Last December, Parker was an 8 month old babe on the move and I decided to approach the holiday season exactly like I had in years past.  I hand addressed and mailed over 150 holiday cards.  We hosted a big family Christmas party complete with our favorite Santa Claus and I also threw a holiday party for our TEC team here.  By the end of it all I was beyond drained! Never again.  Instead, this year I had a Tasker from TaskRabbit come over last weekend and take care of the bulk of my to-do list for me.  It meant that everything got done, …

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DIY // Deconstructed Garland

A few weeks ago we were shooting at a studio downtown and decided to go for a little lunch break walk to Poppy + Rose.  After enjoying one of the best burgers of my life there, we strolled through the flower district I did my best to withstand the temptation, but ultimately I caved, took the last of the cash in my wallet (a whopping $8!), and bought what I could.  (Turns out I used up all of my willpower on the chocolate croissant that was sitting on the counter at lunch.)  I left the flower mart with armfuls of greenery and one small …

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Trykes for Tykes with GoFundMe!

Here on the blog I talk sometimes about the challenges of motherhood– working, the best childcare situations, sleeping issues.  None of those compare, though, to the challenges that can accompany having a child with special needs.  My nephew TJ (pictured above!) was diagnosed as a baby with Angelman Syndrome and over the last six years I have watched as my sister constantly advocates for his best care, his best treatments, and his best therapies; all the while trying to provide him with the same joys and experiences that we all …

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