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My Style // What I’ve Been Wearing (JAN.)

The final two weeks of December were dreamy, to say the least.  I baked with wild abandon both cookies and sourdough bread.  I spent very little time working on my computer and even made a point to stay off social media for the most part. I also spent a wonderful amount of time in either sneakers or stretchy pant or (preferably) both. However it’s January now, I’m back to work full force with big goals for this new year,  and I’m reaching for other things in my closet, like my new favorite IRO jacket (now on sale at …

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How to Make Real Sourdough Bread

Sometimes you need to see the end to start at the beginning.  The reflection of the end of a year is cause for new resolutions at the beginning of a new one.  So as we bid one final farewell to 2015 and hit publish on this first post of 2016, that is where we shall begin: at the end of this shoot.  We were dusting flour off of boards and taking turns passing the crusty, baked bread around and feeling the weight of it in our hands when I said to Min, our bread baking expert, “I feel like you just taught me a skill that I’m …

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2015 // Our Year in Review

I always find these last two weeks of the year to be a great time of reflection before jumping forward into the new year.  In 2014, I went from pregnant in January, to giving birth to Parker in April and navigating everything that comes with that first year of motherhood.  You don’t get that time back and it is so special, but I have to say that it was nice to start 2015 out with a 9 month old who was sleeping through the night on occasion and with a pretty trustworthy routine already in place.  I had established (through much trial …

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Gingerbread Cinnamon Rolls

I have always loved the traditions that surround this time of year.  As a kid, I so looked forward to tamale dinner and getting to open one present on Christmas Eve.  Once the dishes were done and we were home from candlelight service, my dad would make these great homemade cinnamon rolls that would rise all night and be ready to be popped in the oven at the break of dawn when we were all clamoring to get down the stairs and see what Mr. Claus had brought us. I can still smell them!  That was the first Christmas tradition that I adopted …

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